Community driven

We designed SpeechBrain to help researchers and developers. Its success depends on this large community: anyone can clone the code, develop new functionalities, raise issues, or create a new discussion.

Contributing to SpeechBrain

Contributions can take various forms (see our dedicated page):
1. Researchers can propose and implement new functionalities through pull requests. To ensure high-quality standards, each new pull request will be reviewed by a core team member.
2. Sponsors can contribute financially or with human resources by contacting us via email. Check out the call for sponsors 2023!

SpeechBrain needs you in order to evolve!

Referencing SpeechBrain

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SpeechBrain is released under the Apache license, version 2.0. The Apache license is a popular BSD-like license. SpeechBrain can be redistributed for free, even for commercial purposes, although you can not take off the license headers (and under some circumstances you may have to distribute a license document). Apache is not a viral license like the GPL, which forces you to release your modifications to the source code. Also note that this project has no connection to the Apache Foundation, other than that we use the same license terms.

From a legal and copyright point of view, SpeechBrain has been created by Dr. Mirco Ravanelli and Dr. Titouan Parcollet. There is no legal institution associated as an owner of SpeechBrain.


Sponsoring allows us to keep expanding and maintaining SpeechBrain. If interested in a sponsorship, Check out the call for sponsors 2023!. Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail .

Current Sponsors


Previous Sponsors


Partners are organizations that dedicate important human (or hardware resources) to the SpeechBrain project. They are involved in the decision process by participating in meetings.


We would like to thank the following individuals who contributed to SpeechBrain: