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Pre-trained Models and Fine-Tuning with drawing

Training DNN models is often very time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, whenever it is possible, using off-the-shelf pretrained models can be convenient in various scenarios. We provide a simple and straightforward way to download and instantiate a state-of-the-art pretrained-model from drawing HuggingFace drawing and use it either for direct inference or or fine-tuning/knowledge distillation or whatever new fancy technique you can come up with!

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Data Loading for Big Datasets and Shared Filesystems

Do you have a huge dataset stored in a shared file system? This tutorial will show you how to load large datasets from the shared file system and use them for training a neural network with SpeechBrain. In particular, we describe a solution based on the WebDataset library, that is easy to integrate within the SpeechBrain toolkit.

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Text Tokenizer

Machine Learning tasks that process text may contain thousands of vocabulary words which leads to models dealing with huge embeddings as input/output (e.g. for one-hot-vectors and ndim=vocabulary_size). This causes an important consumption of memory, complexe computations, and more importantly, sub-optimal learning due to extremely sparse and cumbersome one-hot vectors. In this tutorial, we provide all the basics needed to correctly use the SpeechBrain Tokenizer relying on SentencePiece (BPE and unigram).

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