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Using Wav2Vec 2.0 from HuggingFace and Fairseq with SpeechBrain

This tutorial describes how to combine (use and finetune) pretrained wav2vec2 models coming both from fairseq or HuggingFace. Any wav2vec 2.0 model trained with the fairseq toolkit or integrated to the transformers interface of HuggingFace can be then plugged to SpeechBrain to approach a speech-related task: automatic speech recognition, speaker recognition, spoken language understanding ...

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Recurrent Neural Networks and SpeechBrain

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) offer a natural way to process sequences. This tutorial demonstrates how to use the SpeechBrain implementations of RNNs including LSTMs, GRU, RNN and LiGRU a specific recurrent cell designed for speech-related tasks. RNNs are at the core of many sequence to sequence models.

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